Social Work

Social Work

Social work has many faces and shapes- its common values involve an empathic, safe and welcoming, structured interaction between a trained professional and individuals facing challenges in their lives, and hoping to make meaningful change. Social workers share an authentic and strong commitment to supporting people who experience difficult circumstances, moments and transitions.

From individuals and families to organizations and communities, social workers collaborate with their clients to address challenges through a process of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and evaluation. Registered social workers have specialized university education and must participate in continued professional learning and skills development to fulfil the requirements of their professional regulatory body, the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers”. In practice, social workers adapt to their clients’ expressed needs and priorities, and accompany, advise and encourage them in
their individual journeys.

The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service
Workers (OCSWSSW)

Social Work can help with

Individual Psychotherapy 

Exploring individual areas of difficulty and/or desired change and working with each person towards their goals and objectives to make the most out of life. Self-affirmation, social skills, self-regulation, self-compassion, stress/anxiety, depressive symptoms management, individualized practical strategies to learn to surf the waves of life and keep our feet on the ground; your goals become our goals and we collaboratively find the tools that work for you 

Family Dynamics & Communication

Facilitating meaningful and respectful conversation, practicing constructive dialogue within the family team, encouraging quality family experiences, and exploring collaborative problem-solving. We tend to want the same things in the end- we also sometimes see different ways of getting there. Parent coaching/counselling sessions, structured interventions geared towards family and sibling harmony. 

Mental Health & Wellness 

Promoting and exploring holistic wellness and overall balanced life choices in its relation to mental health. Everybody and every body has different needs. 

Routine-building & Life Skills

Working as a team to organize time for priorities, responsibilities, and fun- and working towards that sweet spot. Explaining ADHD to kids, teens and families, and providing practical tips and tricks to help facilitate success with day to day needs.

Psycho Education

Understanding and appreciating one’s mental health realities for what it is- unique. Collaborating with parents, families, and school staff towards supporting the needs of each individual.

& So Much More!

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