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Expanding Horizons Occupational Therapy

Expanding Horizons Occupational Therapy offers OT services to children, youth, and adults in the Ottawa and surrounding areas at our clinic, by telehealth, and at your home or school.

Occupational therapy is a regulated health care profession dedicated to working with clients using evidence-based practice to enable them to participate in meaningful activities while taking into consideration their home environment, culture, and community. Occupational therapy practitioners have a holistic perspective and wish to enable individuals by maximizing their independence in a meaningful way. Clients learn how to develop the appropriate skills in the areas of self-care, productivity and leisure that are necessary for living independent and satisfying lives.

Founder and Co-Owner, Meghan Topolnisky B.A., MScOT Reg (Ont.)

occupational therapy can help with

Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Your occupational therapist can complete a fine and gross motor assessment to assess your child’s skills in these areas. We can help teach children and youth shoe lace tying, bike riding, getting dressed, self-care skills and components of gross motor play such as aiming, catching, jumping and balance.

Sensory Processing

Occupational therapists can complete sensory assessments to identify any concerns around sensory processing. We provide strategies and interventions to manage these day-to-day sensory needs to ensure that our clients can live their lives fully, functionally & in a meaningful way.


Does your child experience intense bursts of emotion, difficulty identifying feelings & struggle with emotional control? We can teach children to recognize their body cues and triggers so that they can learn to self-regulate in difficult times. Not only do we teach these skills but we love to collaborate with school staff, caregivers and other professionals to help generalize these new skills to other settings.

Printing and Handwriting

Is your child having difficulty keeping up with writing demands at school? We can assess your child’s handwriting and teach hands-on ways to continue to develop written output skills. We use evidence-based programs to ensure our kiddos are getting the best information to improve their writing skills.


Occupational therapists can work with children, youth & adults to identify anxious triggers, thoughts and body cues. We are trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which identifies and challenges negative thinking patterns and behaviours. We teach coping strategies including relaxation techniques to help individuals cope during times of distress. We also have therapists that are trained in Dialectical Behavioural Therapy.


Occupational therapists assess and treat difficulties associated with feeding, eating & swallowing. We use a holistic perspective and recognize and assess not only the physiological factors involved in feeding and eating, but also the psychosocial, cultural, & environmental factors.


As occupational therapists, we are able to provide the controlled act of psychotherapy. If you are looking for psychotherapy services for yourself or your child, or if you have any questions about this service, please contact us to learn more!

Mental Health

Would you like to improve your mental health? Are you interested in learning about ways to promote positive mental health in your life? We work with children, youth and adults to ensure that you are meeting the demands of your day-to-day life while also taking excellent care of yourself.

Executive Functioning

These are a set of skills that enable us to plan ahead, display self-control, focus attention, remember multi-step instructions, juggle multiple tasks successfully, organize and plan, among others. These skills are important for children and adults to learn and develop and are used daily over a lifetime.

Assistive Technology

Slower handwriting speed? Difficulty keeping up with the curriculum? Frustration when trying to get thoughts to paper? Reading or writing difficulties? We can assess and identify areas of concern and recommend assistive technology specific to the client’s needs. We can also help your child develop keyboarding skills!

Developmental Milestones

Curious if your little one is meeting his/her developmental milestones? We have the tools to assess children to identify delays in meeting developmental milestones and ensure they are on track during their early years.

Classroom Observations

Would you like for an occupational therapist to observe your child in his/her classroom setting? In private school settings we are able to observe in the classroom, complete individual treatment sessions and collaborate with school staff. We love to take the opportunity to get to know the rest of your child’s team!

What our clients say

“Expanding Horizons OT was highly recommended to us when we were seeking a professional working in the field of occupational therapy. They provide a nurturing learning environment with effective and continuous results. Our daughter always felt safe and the activities were always interesting and engaging. We saw a tremendous change in our daughter during her sessions at Expanding Horizons OT.”


“Expanding Horizons has helped changed our family dynamics.  Over the last year Lauren has supported, worked and taught both me and my son strategies for self and co-regulation. She has equally sat with me in the hard moments and celebrated the small and big victories as we have tried to address the challenges my boy faces. Working together, communicating and building a relationship of trust has been my life line particularly in the pandemic.  I am so grateful for the services and knowledge expanding horizons has to offer, they really are changing lives.”


“Expanding Horizons OT has helped my son in so many ways. They worked with him for many years and he has made many gains in his fine motor abilities. His confidence has sky rocketed! They have such an amazing way with him and he truly enjoys each session. They make his sessions so engaging and positive! “


“Meghan shows a level of compassion and understanding towards her clients and their families that is deserving of recognition. Her business is her passion and it really shows. It is also reflected in the caliber of the other members of her team that we have been lucky enough to work with. I have no hesitations recommending Expanding Horizons to families looking for an amazing occupational therapy program.”


“Since meeting Lauren 1 year ago she has become family. Helping us through everyday challenges with love. Thank you!”


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