Alyssa Bergevin, BHSc, MScOT Reg. (Ont.)

Occupational Therapist

Alyssa completed her Honours Bachelor of Health Science from the University of Ottawa. She also received a Master of Health science in Occupational Therapy. She is licensed by the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario, and she holds membership with the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists. Alyssa is bilingual, providing services in both English and French.

Alyssa is passionate about working with teens and pre-teens in acute mental health setting. She has years of experience volunteering with kids with chronic pain. She loves to work with kids of all ages in areas of mental health, self-regulation, pain management as well as fine and gross motor skills.

In her spare time, Alyssa enjoys hiking, playing with her cats and spending time with family and friends. 

She has training and experience in various areas of pediatric occupational therapy, including:

  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
  • Psycho-Sensory Intervention: Informed and Integrated Mental Health Support Strategies by Kim Barthel
  • Supporting Children who Experience Anxiety
  • Sorting Out the Pieces of Dysgraphia
  • Emergent Writing for Pre-Kindergarten
  • Move, Play, Grow by Kim Barthel
  • Experience Running Groups in Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)
  • Eating and Feeding by Kim Barthel
  • 3 Steps to Improving Interoception: An Evidence-Based Approach by Kelly Mahler
  • SOS Approach to Feeding